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Special VoteSpecial Vote: December 7, 2010

On December 7, 2010, the Cardinal Community School District will be asking voters to extend the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). In this article I'd like to explain what the levy does for our district and its importance to the students of Cardinal.

The PPEL (pronounced “pepple”) levy is a levy that can be used for a number of expenditures including improvement of property, construction of buildings, purchasing property, purchasing buses, technology equipment, and energy conservation expenditures. The levy cannot be used for staff salaries or supplies - those expenditures must come from a school district’s General Fund.

Our district has had the voter approved PPEL for many years and a “yes” vote would continue the amount of funds that the district is currently receiving. Voting “yes” would not increase the tax rate our patrons are paying.

The funds may be used in the following areas:
  • Purchase of property
  • Improvement of property
  • Construction of schools, buildings and roads
  • Purchase or lease purchase of equipment and technology exceeding $500 per single unit
  • Payment of debt for schools or buildings
  • Procuring or acquiring library facilities
  • Repair, remodeling and reconstructing of existing facilities
  • Expenditures for energy conservation
  • Rental of facilities under 28E
  • Purchase of transportation equipment for transporting students
  • Purchase or lease purchase of buildings
  • Equipment for recreational purposes
Our district currently has the voter approved PPEL in the amount of up a $1.34 per $1000 of taxable evaluation. Our district does not take lightly asking voters for continuation in the PPEL levy, especially in these economic times. However, we feel as a district that uses such as maintaining a quality fleet of buses and maintaining facilities are in the best interests of our students and strike the best balance between the needs of our students and taxpayers. More importantly, by approving PPEL, Cardinal will continue to use our General Fund to maintain optimal class size and provide teachers and students with the necessary resources for a quality education.

Our district is committed to providing the highest quality education to the students of our district and we encourage you to contact me at (641) 652-7531 or if you have any questions at all about the use these funds. I will be holding meetings for the purpose of being transparent to all parties. I have listed scheduled meetings below. Meetings will be scheduled soon and I would be more than welcome to visit with any group that makes that request.

Scheduled PPEL Meetings
November 2nd High School Library 4pm-8pm (P/T Conferences)
Senior Meals - TBD
Agency- TBD
Eldon - TBD
Batavia - TBD

- Joel Pederson, Superintendent